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“I roam around, witness beauty, experience cultures,
meet people, learn things and share stories.”

Greetings!   I am Bruce.  Thanks for visiting my ‘Work With Bruce’ Page. 

May I get right to it ….. ?  It is just you and me here, right? 

Most of my readers (or listeners of my “coming soon” podcast) will learn about me from the more traditional ‘About Me’ page on my personal blog  That page tells people the basics; I am a Father, Music Lover, Seeker, Former Corporate HR Leader, Writer, Traveler, Podcaster, Life Explorer, etc.  It also tells of the story of how this 60-ish year old cancer survivor gave up his way of life, his home and most of his belongings to experience minimalist travel and rediscover his heart

If you are a media, event planner, corporate leader or partnership professional visiting here to learn about me, what I do, my background and how we can partner together, I have jotted some brief notes for you below.   

I have also included some candid comments about my voice, my values, and my mission so you can make the best partnership choice possible.  I look forward to exploring opportunities with you! 

About My Content & Where to Find It

I produce content that encourages visitors to Explore the World Around Us and the Universe Within Us.   My natural curiosity and joy for life leads me to explore a wide range of topics; Some as close to home as how we cope with the small things in our daily lives, and others like the beneficial life insights shared by local villagers in the Amazonian jungle.  

People comment that my observations touch a broad and diverse group.  My Unique Voice and Persona make my content more accessible.  I am not an academic or an internet entrepreneur with an angle.  I am just a guy with a sense of wonder who wants to do something useful and be of service.

Core Content I Create:

  • Personal Blog Posts and Musings
  • Freelance Article Contributions
  • Podcast Programs
  • Life Enhancing Series and Online Course Content
  • Narrative Video Content for Personal Storytelling and Commercial Projects

Where To Find My Content:

  • I write and post articles on my personal blog, Exploring With Bruce ( ).  CURRENTLY BEING REDESIGNED – RELAUNCHING SUMMER 2020
  • In Summer of 2020 I will launch a Podcast also Branded – Exploring With Bruce
  • I contribute Freelance Articles to publications
  • I promote, comment, or am quoted in forums covering Meaningful / Mindful Travel, Life Optimizing Inspirations, Support for Cancer Patients & Caregivers, and Volunteering and Giving Back

About My Background

Bio Highlights:

“I began giving away much of what I owned, I gave up my home and I grabbed a few clothes and a camera and headed out on the road.”

-Born a creative child that was filled with wonder, I started adult life as a working Musician in Los Angeles, California.  

-After years of playing in the LA club scene, I migrated into the Music Industry where I honed my marketing and communication skills.

-I moved into Human Resources, Marketing and Company Leadership and led the HR and Learning Functions at innovative companies such as:  Virgin Entertainment, New Horizons Worldwide, and New Media Network.

-I grew my leadership and communication experience by being responsible for thousands of employees, leading many hundreds of meetings & coaching / engagement sessions, and creating countless hours of training content aimed to help people professionally and personally.

-After more than two decades in the corporate world, within an 18-month period I experienced a series of life-changing events that ended my conventional lifestyle.  These changes included relocation, career transition, ending a long relationship and the death of a beloved family member.  Then, I faced my own mortality after being diagnosed with Stage 3 head and neck cancer.  

-The above culminated into a transformational moment when I gave up my home, gave away most everything I owned and left the country to volunteer and to travel.  

-My trip evolved into what people called a Hero’s Journey that began to heal my heart as it inspired me to dedicate my time to sharing insights  about and advocating for positive personal and social change and giving back.

-I served on the Los Angeles Region Board of Directors for the American Red Cross and continue to support Humanitarian efforts through the Red Cross and other organizations.

-I also have travel domestically and internationally to do volunteer work with charities such as A Fresh Chapter, Cross-Cultural Solutions, and continue to support and promote a variety of groups and non-profits that do good works for their communities and the world.

Ways We Can Partner Together

Speaking, Interviews, Facilitating, Contributions, Advocacy:

I am an experienced public speaker, panelist, spokesperson and interviewee, and have more than two decades of leadership and presentation experience in corporate and non-profit settings.

I have presented or commented on topics as broad as:

  • Progressive Human Resources leadership
  • Corporate cultural change management
  • Communication techniques for driving employee engagement
  • Youth and adult career planning
  • How a holistic life outlook can enhance the professional and personal life of employees and leaders 

I have hosted corporate events, facilitated encounter groups that broke down barriers, guided change-management initiatives, built trust and increased member satisfaction and organizational longevity

Adding to this, based upon my adventures and encounters over the last several years, I now offer information, outlooks and advocacy on topics such as:

  • Professional & personal life improvement
  • People interaction and leadership
  • Cancer patient & caregiver Support and how a holistic life outlook can enhance cancer survivorship
  • The rewards of giving back, volunteerism and meaningful service
  • Mindful travel and local exploration, and
  • Non-consumerism lifestyles

Promotion of Valuable Ideas and Things:

I can assist in promoting Brands, products or services that I believe in, I feel are of value to others, and that are aligned with my values.  I execute promotions through written articles, blog posts, or featuring a promotion or sponsorship on my podcast.

What Makes Me Different

I have lived many lives.  Some call my journey exciting, and others call it a wild ride!   

My diverse experience as a corporate top Human Resources professional, an unconventional business leader, a creative with an entertainment and artistic background, a transformational life adventurer, and my unique communication style blend together in my presentations and contributions.   

My rare combination of experience, innovative outlooks, inspirational (and often unconventional) insights and raw authenticity lends an authoritative and yet accessible voice to a range of topics that cover personal, organizational, and social issues.    

This is why I have been called a “Unique Voice” in a world of conformity, and why people have called my Voice and Outlooks:

 “Refreshing, Engaging, Amusing and Empowering.”

My participation in an event can provide a complementary and engaging addition to any public discussion, speaker series, group event or advocacy forum. 

Oh, And …. About My Unique Voice and Persona ….

I am very grateful you are considering partnering with me.  It is because I am a good partner that I want to be transparent here.  I am more than a bit “unconventional,” so I wanted to share with you the candid information about me below.  I may end with a half-cheeky apology, but this section was written out of respect for your needs, and to help you make the best partnership decision for you.

My Content:

My curiosity leads my content to where ever the story and my interests wander.  While my lack of boundaries may be a fun romp for readers and listeners, I know that this could make your need to categorize me and my content a little harder. 

About My Voice:

This is where things could get a bit dicey …….

I am a former Corporate VP that walked away from a traditional lifestyle. I spent years watching people try to conform, constrain their observations and suppress the very revelations that could have changed their lives. They thought they were doing the right thing, but they yearned to break free and to be their more authentic selves.

Then they met me.  I was different. I took my childlike wonder into the corporate world.  I have always pushed and tested the limits of the conventional.  I questioned things, challenged the norms, and talked with a transparency and whole-heartedness that was dramatically outside of the established corporate world they knew.  Some called me courageous.  Others thought I was committing career suicide.  In some cases, they were both right.  But after getting over the initial shock of hearing someone beyond the status quo, many people began to listen. 

I am, and always will be, an agent for change.  Because I lead with kindness, my pushing for making things better was eventually embraced instead of resisted. I gained trust because I was genuine, I cared and I spoke the truth. 

Today, I observe the world with openness and talk directly from the heart.  My commentary may sometimes be gently inspirational and other times it may cut like a knife.  I am told I explore the things many of us think and feel deep inside, but find it too difficult or socially frightening to say out loud.  But many have told me that after listening, they feel it leads to something better.

My Cheeky Apology:

I do have some regret that working with an out-of-the-norm person like me may be a bit  challenging.  And I could say “I’m sorry” too for my lack of a single-topic “niche” and for me being a little irreverent, raw and unwieldy at times.  Unfortunately I cannot do that, because it is the innocent, curious, unbridled and unconventional outlook I embody that attracts people to my content and my speaking style, and it is why they return for more.

If you need someone to fit into a box, or you need somebody that’s “just like everybody else that is popular,”  I understand.  If needed, I could recommend one of the thousands of people on the web that all look and sound the same in hopes that they might fit your bill. 

But if you are still curious about partnering with me, I would enjoy talking with you further.  

About that Audience - An Authentic Tribe

Here is some good news!  There is a substantial and growing audience of people out there who are attracted to authentic voices. They are interested in life-enhancing insights and stories that expose them to new places, discovering things inside themselves, and curious outlooks that make their world a little more interesting.  These folks cross all demographics, they are underserved, and they are hungry for authentic content.  They are the ones that feel unsatisfied with commoditize media and desire to hear from a like-minded heart and voice.  These people are my Tribe!

Thanks for visiting and your consideration, and exploring how I can be of service.  I look forward to doing good things together.  

Love Always, Bruce

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