Coming Soon - The New Podcast

Following in the voice of the blog, my soon-to-be-released podcast will also “Explore the World Around Us and the Universe Within Us.”  But unlike the more formal written posts on the blog, I will be in my natural element in an oratory format.  My narrative storytelling style naturally fits a spoken word, and I tend to ponder ideas more when talking out loud, which means that sometimes the podcast might be a lot less refined, but will reflect more closely what is happening inside my heart.   The plan is to allow this unbridled audio program to be a more freeform discovery of questions, topics, and conversations on the kind of diverse and unorthodox things I chat about with friends everyday.  And being friends, I hope that you will join the conversation!


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Thanks for your support.  Let’s keep exploring together!

The New Exploring With Bruce Podcast GOES LIVE in Fall 2020