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An Unconventional Voice - About Bruce Watkins

A creative spirit that was swept up in the business world and eventually broke free to follow his heart.  After several life-changing events including surviving Cancer, Bruce gave up his conventional life, gave away most of his possessions and began traveling, writing, photographing, and sharing stories of beauty, human connection, and giving back.

Bruce celebrates life by “Exploring the World Around Us and the Universe Within Us.” 

Bruce’s content is driven by curiosity and guided by compassion.  His stories cover more than your typical lifestyle, travel or self-help sites, because Bruce journeys to the places the conventional world rarely goes.  He explores the real frontiers inside ourselves and in the meaningful moments within the human experience.

His adventures, cultural explorations, service to others and unique storytelling continues on his Our Cancer Journey Podcast and Website, his highly-personal Exploring With Bruce Blog (relaunching in 2021), his Writings, and his Giving Back Advocacy

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Bruce at Machu Picchu

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The Our Cancer Journey Podcast

The Our Cancer Journey Podcast is a unique voice in the cancer community.  It is a place for those impacted with illness (Cancer), and their caregivers and loved ones.  Together we will explore ways to help you feel better, live happier, expand your self-empowerment, and enhance your life experience.

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Articles, Posts
& Other Writings

Bruce contributes articles and stories to a variety of media outlets and publications. His content ranges from cultural exploration stories and services pieces on life-optimizing strategies to marginally-humorous musings about people, places and curious discoveries.  

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Exploring With Bruce
Blog & Podcast

COMING SOON!  Relaunching in 2021, Bruce’s unique storytelling style returns with his highly-personal Podcast and Storytelling Blog.  The “EwB” Podcast & Blog will feature entertaining experiences and inspirations from Bruce’s personal adventures and insights from others guests from places far and wide.  ‘Contact Us‘ with your email to receive Updates on Bruce’s new stories and his new Podcast and Blog space. We’ll keep you posted!

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Life Advocacy Media

Our Cancer Journey


Launching in Fall 2020, the space will provide Insights, Practical Strategies and Unconventional Wisdom for patients, caregivers and loved ones.  Guiding people through the early stages of diagnosis, ongoing treatments, and then recovery, the content is designed to enhance survivorship and optimize life throughout and after Cancer.


Articles / Writings

Bruce contributes stories and articles to a variety of institutional and general publications. Click ‘Learn More’ to see Bruce’s latest article, to receive updates about future published pieces or to inquire about contribution / partnership opportunities with Bruce.  

Life Optimizing Programs


December 2020 – Two online programs are scheduled to be released: One to support newly diagnosed cancer patients and their loved ones; And, one that features accessible and practical Life Optimizing strategies. Click ‘Learn More’ to receive updates on these upcoming  beneficial programs.

Giving Back & Volunteer Travel Advocate

Humanitarian Support

A long time supporter of many charities, Bruce was honored when asked to serve as a Director on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Region Board of the American Red Cross in 2016.  He contributed to this beloved charity through board oversight and support of Disaster Relief, Staff Operations, and Red Cross Marketing efforts. 

In 2020, Bruce stepped away from his ARC Board duties due to his extended travels, but he remains committed to the Red Cross, the World’s leading humanitarian organization, and its inclusive mission.  Click Here to learn about the many contributions provided by the American Red Cross, and click ‘Learn More‘ to discover more about the Worldwide International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

Bruce with NASA Astronaut Garrett Reisman at L.A. American Red Cross Volunteer Awards Ceremony

Volunteer Travel

Stories of hope, Meaning AND participation

ASDF Bruce in a Peruvian Preschool with a special Gift and Love and Music for the Children

Giving Back Advocate

Bruce’s minimalist orientation and belief that meaningful human connections are more important than things, are two of the foundational elements of his content and his advocacy. His support for and sharing stories about volunteerism, the gift economy, and building bridges between diverse peoples are part of his creative mission.  

Through his articles, storytelling and podcasts, Bruce helps individuals move away from conventional mindsets that separate us, and motivates us to look at the world differently. 

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Giving Back Stories

Personal Giving Back

Destinations Explored
Exploring With Bruce

Although I am blessed to have visited some beautiful locations, my inspiration for travel is not driven by a ‘Bucket List,’ or tracking the number of countries I have visited.  For me, physical destinations are just gateways to a deeper place of meaning.  The wonder comes from experiencing the people, history, cultures, and the eternal natural beauty that surrounds us wherever we are.  Your next transformational journey awaits you outside your own front door.

Work With Bruce

Bruce is an experienced presenter, public speaker, spokesperson and interviewee.  His perspectives on Professional & Personal Life Improvement, Cancer Patient & Caregiver Support, Non-Consumerism Lifestyles, Meaningful Travel & Giving Back, and Human Connection Advocacy provide a complementary and engaging addition to any public discussion forum, speaker series, group event or facilitation exercise. 

Bruce taps the decades of rich and unique communication experiences he gained as a top corporate Human Resources leader, and combines it with his diverse background as an entertainment marketer, musician and content producer to lend a authoritative and yet accessible voice to a range of topics touching personal, organizational, and social issues. 

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What People Are Saying .......

"Bruce's stories celebrate life and self expansion in a lovely and elegant way. I'm enjoying discovery and wonder through his journey"

Mary T. 

"He is more than just an inspirational speaker. I have seen first-hand Bruce's profound impact on cancer survivors in our community.”

Bin M. 

"So, real, fresh, and informative. Kudos for delivering what we need. Bruce’s authenticity and genuine desire to build community with this listeners makes him the perfect podcast host."


" Two Words.... Inspirational Badassery!!!"

Robert E.

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