Hi, I’m Bruce.  Welcome and that’s for your interest in my travels, life’s adventures, and my storytelling space of discovery.  

I Travel About, Meet People, Learn Things and Share My Experiences

I am a Father, a traveler, an unconventional blogger, a music lover, a cancer survivor, a writer of stories about people and places, a recovering former corporate employee, a creative soul, a seeker, a humanitarian that enjoys giving back and I really love to explore. 

I began giving away much of what I owned, I gave up my home and I grabbed a few clothes and a camera and headed out on the road.


I’m not your average blogger.   Well, most people say I am not your typical person at all, at least not today. 

Life-Altering Events That Changed Everything

In the past, I had lived in Southern California where I was born and lived most of my life.  But after a series of major life-altering events that occurred a few years ago, everything changed dramatically and it changed for the better.  These challenges, losses, and life-threatening experiences that came before me really put my conventional life, my future plans, and the very sense of who I was into perspective.  It reawakened my true self. 

Recent Travels

It brought back the deep sense of wonder I had since my childhood, and it allowed me to hear a humble calling to make a difference in this world through meaningful human connections.  To follow this calling, I needed to leave my life as I had known it behind.

I began giving away much of what I owned, I gave up my home and I grabbed a few clothes and a camera and headed out on the road.  Initially I traveled from the United States to South America where, with several other volunteers, I would work giving back in one of the most underserved communities in Peru. My role was to assist teachers of a 3-year old class of mostly Incan-descendant children in a community supported preschool.  The experience was as moving as it was joyous.

Once I finished volunteering, I planned to ramble down the continent’s Western edge for several months.   After that, I had no plan.  I wound up landing on Antarctica, photographing in the Amazon and seeing new places and making many friends along the way.   

Since that fateful day of beginning my untethered journey, I have traveled tens of thousands of miles/kilometers …. I’ve lost count of the distance actually because it really doesn’t matter. I don’t focus much on travel stats or the number of countries I have visited (although I may share a few facts here and there with you). Nor am I interested in checking off items on a “bucket list.”   I am on a very different voyage.   

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Some have said I am on a Vision Quest or Hero’s Journey of sorts, but I feel that I am simply on Life’s Journey, just like you.   All I wanted to do, is just start to move about and explore.  Each day I choose to celebrate this awe-inspiring world, the meaningful experiences and each of the beautifully crazy, complex, and nuanced people that I meet along the way, ….. every day, ….. everywhere.  

The stories shared here are of places I have seen, fascinating things I have encountered, and insights from those people I have met. My hope is that you find these experiences helpful or inspirational, and maybe even mildly amusing. 

I am humbled and grateful that you have stopped by to check out my musings, and I invite you to come along with me on my future explorations and escapades.  

But in the end, as with any true odyssey, much of our journey and the greatest adventure we will face in the exploring we do within ourselves.  That is because inside our own hearts, ….. THAT is the real frontier.  

Thanks for visiting, and let’s enjoy exploring it all together.  

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